How is the Decor Dreams’ product?

The Decor Dreams wall panels are the best solutions for the decoration projects of the home or commerce. They have a latest internal structure which adds practical and aesthetic benefits as the new surface Real Touch which brings a real aspect thanks of its relieve and the Techno Fix foam, the new technology created to make its installation easier.


The structure of Decor Dreams tile is simple and complete at the same time. With a thickness of only 6.8 mm, has 3 layers that allows the good properties of the product.

1: LVT superior layer with 4 sizes painted bevel that brings a realistic aspect together with the Real Touch with a protection that allows us to offer a warranty of 12 years.

2: The mineral core brings resistance to blows, well temperature behavior and good thermal and sound isolation.

3: The Techno Fix foam is a new direct fixation system that allows a very easy installation. Has holes to add our Décor Dreams adhesive for a better fixation, obtaining 5 aditional years of warranty.

Tile Formats

The Decor Dreams product is available in two formats to give a more realistic aspect and aligned with the feelings that the walls of your home wants to project.
The available tile formats are 30.5×61 cm and 40×80 cm.

Extra light
Only 6,8mm to not lose space.

Fire Behavior C-S2-d0
Qualified for being installed in homes and commerce resisting to high temperatures.

Domestic guarantee
Its structure and fixation allow offer a domestic guarantee of 12 years.

4 sizes painted bevel
The 4 sizes painted bevel give a total realism.

Acoustic and sound insulation
Good acoustic and term insulation: Absorb the noise (10dB) and keep better the temperature of the room. 

Perfect finish
Coordinated complements, able for ceramic and Wood range.
In designs, finishes and formats. 

Easy to cut
Not necessary professional tools. Only a cutter.

Save time
Do not waste time removing the old material even the during the post work of cleaning. In less than 10 min. you will install 1sqm.

High resistance to blows
Its structure of glass fibers allows the absorptions of blows without damaging.

Adhesive optional for irregular or porous walls.
+5 years additional warranty.

Light and easy to manage
The weight and the measures of the tiles make easier the installation.


100% waterproof
Thanks to its special mineral fiber composition can be installed in water areas.

Its structure allows the adaptation to different surfaces.

Able for comercial locals
The products is qualified to the fire behavior regulation and it can be installed in comercial locals with a guarantee of 6 years.

Without work
No removing tiles, no construction permits, no dust, no noise, no stains and no painting anymore.

Easy installation
It install without necessity of any self-adhesive complement. Its technology Techno Fix allows remove the tiles without residues.

Save money
Good relation quality/Price, plus avoiding extras from the installation and preparation of the Surface and the construction work.

4 sizes painted bevel with the same color together with the new finishes in the Real Touch layer gives a great realism.



High resistant to temperature changes.

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