We want your dreams come true!

In Decor Dreams we know the importance of having a unique space to feel comfortable. We help to make your walls talk for and about you.
Give life to your place or office and make it welcoming and cosy.
Bring personality to your area with our wall covering. Improving the decoration of your home makes you feel relaxed and go through life more optimistic and equilibrated in all the aspects.
Stop dreaming, make it true!

How is the Décor Dreams product?

The Decor Dreams wall panels are the best solutions for the decoration projects of the home or commerce. They have a latest internal structure which adds practical and aesthetic benefits as the new surface Real Touch which brings a real aspect thanks of its relieve and the Techno Fix foam, the new technology created to make its installation easier.


Decor Dreams stays adhesive to the wall thanks to its incorporated adhesive with Techno Fix foam and the additional adhesive placed on the holes.
The double fixation system brings to our tiles a double adhesive power to get a long-lasting duration.
With the use if the adhesive you get a 5 years warranty.

All the surfaces need to be primed with the Decor Dreams PRIMER to prepare the surface where it is going to be installed. Improve the adherence and the resistance of the wall covering once installed, guaranteeing all the stablished warranty.

This primer is valid and mandatory use for any material, woods, plaster, cement, concrete, plasterboard, bricks, stones and any other non-ferrous material (iron, steel or aluminum). For ferrous materials it is necessary apply the specific primer for these materials.


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