Format 40 x 80 cm

Discover a new way to differentiate your project with the marble family. We’ve created 3 designs that you can use to line your entire wall or match the other colors if you prefer.

Format 40 x 80 cm.

6 tiles per box.
1,92 sqm per box.


The structure of Decor Dreams tile is simple and complete at the same time. With a thickness of only 6.8 mm, has 3 layers that allows the good properties of the product.

1: LVT superior layer with 4 sizes painted bevel that brings a realistic aspect together with the Real Touch with a protection that allows us to offer a warranty of 12 years.

2: The mineral core brings resistance to blows, well temperature behavior and good thermal and sound isolation.

3: The Techno Fix foam is a new direct fixation system that allows a very easy installation. Has holes to add our Décor Dreams adhesive for a better fixation, obtaining 5 aditional years of warranty.

Range and colors available


Galería Ash Marble

Venus Grey

Examples Format 40 x 80 cm Decor Dreams

Compatible Format 30,5 x 61 cm Decor Dreams

Blanco Celeste

Luxor Medium

Marble Beige

Luxor Light

Washed Dark

Washed Light

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