Format 30,5×61 cm

Discover our 8 designs and create a pure and natural atmosphere. It combines the elegance and sophistication that natural materials such as stone that imitate our designs, with the furniture you have in the space to be installed. Achieve continuity and depth with lighter tones.

Format 30,5×61 cm

10 tiles per box.
1,86 sqm per box.


The structure of Decor Dreams tile is simple and complete at the same time. With a thickness of only 6.8 mm, has 3 layers that allows the good properties of the product.

1: LVT superior layer with 4 sizes painted bevel that brings a realistic aspect together with the Real Touch with a protection that allows us to offer a warranty of 12 years.

2: The mineral core brings resistance to blows, well temperature behavior and good thermal and sound isolation.

3: The Techno Fix foam is a new direct fixation system that allows a very easy installation. Has holes to add our Décor Dreams adhesive for a better fixation, obtaining 5 aditional years of warranty.

Range and colors available


Blanco Celeste

Luxor Medium

Marble Beige

Luxor Light

Washed Dark

Hidráulico Negro

Washed Light

Luxor Dark

Hidráulico Color

Examples 30,5×61 cm Decor Dreams

Compatible format 40×80 cm Decor Dreams

Galería Ash Marble

Black Streak

Venus Grey

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