Real Cases

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Stairs of Maribel Andrés in Blanes (Barcelona). Black Hydraulic model.

“It has been a product that has surprised us because of the ease of installation, I recommend this product even for anyone who does not know about DIY! The result has been amazing and we have done it in less than 1 day.”
Maribel Andrés

Before / After

Maribel Andrés bath in Blanes (Gerona). Luxor Dark and Medium, Black Hydraulic model.

“I have used Decor Dreams again, but to renew one of my bathrooms. I have installed it even in the shower area and it has been spectacular. All the people who have seen it agree that it seems real, like a traditional reform, but with the speed that in just a few days at times and for very little money, we have carried it out. It is so easy to work that I have dared to put it in the switches and sockets. I definitely recommend 100%”
Maribel Andrés

Before / After

Pedro Giménez bathroom, Barcelona. Venice and Luxor Dark models.

“With the DecorDreams plates we have saved a lot of money, time and problems by not having to remove the tiles.
The change has been spectacular and very easy “
Pedro Giménez

Before / After

Bathroom of Mercedes Martinez Blanes, Madrid. Gray Antique and Old Racine models.

“I’m delighted, the most important thing is that it has no work, the finish is EXCELLENT.
The feeling of warmth and its matte finish makes it more modern. A success.”
Mercedes Martinez

Before / After

Kitchen of Dolores Pernas, A Coruña. Hidráulico negro and Luxor Dark models

“It is amazing what can be done in an old kitchen of 35 years painting and changing the handles of the cupboards and the spectacular change with the tiles. And it can also be done by a single person, as has been my case. “
Dolores Pernas

Before / After

Kitchen of Pedro Giménez, Barcelona. Roma and Luxor Dark models.

“Amazing change of kitchen with DecorDreams plates “
Prdro Gimenez

Before / After

Kitchen of Andres EstepaCórdoba. Hidráulico Color Model.

Before / After

Kitchen exhibition in AKI Bricolage urban store Bravo Murillo. Hidráulico Negro Model.

Antes / Después