Decor Dreams is the definitive solution for the most exigent projects of decoration. The Decor Dreams Wall Vinyl tiles are able to be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, attics, rooms and in any part of the house, office or commerce.

Preparation of the surface

Decor Dreams can be installed in the following surfaces:

Wood (agglomerates, plywood, okumen boards, solid boards). Is mandatory to remove the rests of paint or varnish that can be detach once the product is installed and apply Decor Dreams primer. Pladur walls, applying Decor Dreams Primer.
Walls with humidity must be treated for its removing previously to the installation due to the tiles may detach and out of guarantee. 
Metal surfaces (aluminium, iron, and steel). Its mandatory remove the rests of painting and apply the adequate primer for irony materials to fix the surface.
Plaster surfaces. Is mandatory apply one or two layers of Decor Dreams Primer before the installation.
Cement bases and derived. Is mandatory apply two or three layers of Decor Dreams primer on the surface until the pore is closed.

Other surfaces: check with the distributor.

On mineral tiles (ceramic, plywood, porcelain, marble, etc) is mandatory apply the Decor Dreams Primer for a better attachment.
Let dry the primer one hour before the installation of the tiles/planks. If you applied multiple layers of primer, let dry one hour between layer and layer.

Assembly instructions

Decor Dreams is an easy installation covering compared with other coverings. Following correctly the installation instructions, you will get amazing results just in few minutes. If you want the apply the product on rough walls, very porous or you have any doubt regarding the wall, we recommend to install three tiles first and let them dry 24h to check the viability of the installation. During the installation process it can be lost a 10% of the material due to the cut declines. It is necessary to calculate correctly the necessary boxes for its installation. In our web you will find the section ¿How many boxes do I need? Where we will help you to buy just the required quantity of boxes for your walls in

Keep in mind that you will need a leveller, measuring meter, pencil, knife, silicone gun, brush or roller and recipient for the primer (tools not included).

Instalation options

There are different installation options, starting at the bottom (as in the video) or from the centre of the wall or from the top.
The temperature in the room where the tiles are going to be installed must be between 10º and 28º.
If the installation is going to be in rooms with different temperatures, the product can shrinkage or expand, leading to open joints or deformed tiles.

Use not recommended

Before start the installation, please check that all the boxes are from the same colour and from the same batch number due to it may have some difference in tonality. Any claim will not be admitted once the installation is done regarding difference in tonality if boxes of different batch number of the same colour were used. If you detect different batches, check with the distributor before starting the installation. 

It is not recommended its installation in the following situations and will not be covered by the guarantee:

Walls with continuously humidity and not treated or applied the Decor Dreams

Areas with plaster walls or weak paint that have detachment or weak attachment.

Areas permanently exposed to the sun lights or heating sources such as
turbines, heater systems, incandescent lamps, focuses, machine motors, etc…

  Areas permanently exposed to water vapour such as saunas, machine rooms, etc.

Outdoor areas or exposed to atmospheric agents as rain, snow, cold or
extreme heat.

Areas with heavy temperature changes.

Plastic surfaces composed by PVC, methacrylate, polyurethane or plastic
derivations (is mandatory to apply the sealing base).