DecorDreams is the definitive solution for the most exigent projects of decoration. The DecorDreams Wall Vinyl tiles are able to be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, attics, rooms and in any part of the house, office or commerce.

Preparation of the Surface

The Surface have to be clean, free of greases, dust or substances which can be detached once the tiles are installed. It is necessary remove the rest of old coatings as painted paper, varnish,… Prepare, if it is necessary, the different holes after preparing the Surface with the aim of avoiding slopes which can alter the Surface to recover.

Its exclusive fixation system allows its installation on mineral tiles (ceramics, porcelain,…).

It is mandatory apply the primer to get the warranty in surfaces such as:

– Wood.
– Plasterboard.
– Plaster surfaces.
– Cement bases or derivate.
– Other surfaces:

To ferrites surfaces is necessary to apply a primer especially for iron, acer or aluminum.

Use not recommended

Walls with continuous dump and without DecorDreams primer
to solve the problem.

Walls with plaster or weak Paint with detaches or areas
with limited grip.

Areas exposed permanently to the sunlight or heating sources as
pipes, heating Systems, engineer motors…

Areas exposed permanently to weather conditions as rain, snow,
extreme cold (≤5º) or extreme hot (≥30º).

Areas with heavy temperature changes.

Plastic surfaces composed with PVC, methacrylate, polyurethane or plastic derivations.